"Art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, and he who sees art and beauty in all things is the highest beholder. Period."

Hand Blown Glass & Recycled Metal Artwork


Cleveland "Clevetion" Glass Art

The Glass Bubble Project specializes in creating unique works of art from recycled metal and hand blown glass. Our eco-friendly work appears in a variety of commercial and residential buildings from the Ritz Carlton hotel to private homes all across the country. View our Portfolio 

We call our artwork "Clevetion Glass" which is the opposite of the dainty and fragile Venetion Glass from Italy. Our work is industrial and clunky, kind of like the way we see Cleveland -tough and durable. We spend as much time as we can scavenging through antique stores and scrap yards for interesting objects ensuring that every piece is unique and impressive.

In addition to hand blown glass artwork, we also offer free public demonstrations, private studio time and glass blowing classes. Glass Blowing Classes at GBP